Helping families find HOPE after the loss of a child.


It is through our loss and sorrow that we found a retreat center in northern Minnesota that helped us through our grief. Attending this retreat showed us how to move forward and that someday we could find joy again as a family. After the retreat we were not fully healed, but we were different. Our eyes had been opened and our hearts had been changed. A few years later, God placed a call on our hearts to bring this healing retreat experience to South Dakota. It was then that Healing Hope Ministries was born.

Healing Hope Ministries is located on an acreage near Alcester, SD - a secluded, quiet place that allows families to step away from the day to day, to focus on their loss and how it will affect their future. We are in the process of building the Retreat Center to fit the needs of grieving parents and families. The property has been secured and plans to build out the retreat center are finalized. 


Hello, we are Denny and Karri Allen. July 2, 2012 started out just like any other day. As Karri laid Asher down for his afternoon nap, something seemed off to her, so she stayed outside his door, listening as he cried himself to sleep. Except that isn’t what happened. Asher went completely silent and she knew something was deeply wrong. As she rushed into his room, she found Asher lifeless in the corner of his crib.


We lost our son that day, and so began our grief journey. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

~Philippians 4:13